What to Expect from Goats & Gold in 2024

What to Expect from Goats & Gold in 2024

Goats & Gold was not something that we ever intended to happen.  Like so many others in 2020 we began reconnecting with a hobby from our youth that we loved: collecting baseball cards.  There was so much more to love about the hobby this time around.  Learning about all of the new products in the space, the community that was being created, and the entrance of huge institutional money to the space.  Roll it all together and we were hooked.

Over the years that followed our collection of cards started to grow through various methods.  We ripped wax, we won & lost in eBay auctions, we made a lot of mistakes, got lucky on some pickups, but most of all had an absolute blast participating in the hobby.  From there we were off to the races.

With the start of the new year, we have big plans and ambitious goals for 2024.

Here is what we want to accomplish this year:

Narrow the Focus of the Collection

When we got back into the hobby there was no real plan.  There was so much going on between opening wax, participating in breaks, and the wild world of eBay that it was really hard to nail down the best way to enter the space.  Ultimately, we decided to start by buying singles and eBay and ripping wax. With no real plan for either of these avenues, we ended up with a hodgepodge of ‘hits’ and some serious overpays for cards we thought would hold value.  There is no way we will recoup the money that we invested into those early products.  What we did learn, however, was a cardinal rule of the hobby: collect what you like.

The years that followed saw us stop ripping wax altogether favoring purchasing singles of the players that we liked.  The other notable shift that we made in defining what we liked was focusing on cards with photography that we loved.  Cards that captured great moments, cards that had unique images, and serial-numbered cards of our favorite teams.

Over the coming weeks, we are so excited to share what we have collected and connect with people who share our passion for the same things.

Continue to Build Community

This year we’d like to connect with more of you online.  Building collections truly takes a village and we’re hoping that by sharing what we love, we can all help each other acquire things to add to our respective collections.  We’ve dipped our toe into the social media space and have had a blast interacting with people in the hobby and look to continue that energy this year.

If you haven’t already, come link up with us on our Instagram and Twitter so we can stay in touch.

Make $1,000 on eBay

This one is our most ambitious goal for the year.

We are 6 days into our eBay selling journey and so far the learning curve has been steep.  We hope that we can reinvest the money from our eBay store into products that are more in line with the things we want to collect. We are also excited to share our journey selling on eBay and creating content that will help other people in the hobby have success selling on the platform.  You can view our eBay store here.

You can expect regular updates on this site about the things that we’re learning from our own eBay journey.

Let’s get social!

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